mindful travel, elevated.

we’d been tossing around the lofty goal/dream of leading our own yoga + meditation retreat for close to two years. come january 2018, thanks to mindlessly scrolling through an instagram or pinterest feed, the “sleepy surfer town” of sayulita, mexico caught our attention. we researched the most sought-after locale to host a yoga retreat there and haramara retreat center was the one. their next availability was a year out, in january 2019. they needed an answer quick…were we in or out? we bit the bullet and the rest is history.

fast forward to nearly a year later and we’ve expanded the original number of cabanas requested for haramara. we hosted an extended weekend getaway to the newly renovated coast of maine yoga retreat house, where more than 25 lives were positively impacted. our business partners have expanded beyond our wildest dreams, and we could not be more grateful. the ability to tour the world through the lens of yoga, meditation, cleansing and wellness practices, as well as a whole lot of fun, is simply a dream come true.

consider our retreats hand-crafted global explorations. an elevated version of your favorite week of summer. free time + soul movement. new friendships. open to all.